5 Reasons Why You Should Run Every day

People are aware that running is good for the health but sadly, people seem to run only if they are being chased. But if you can spend two to three hours watching movies or playing games, would it hurt to spend at least 30 minutes running each day?

Suggested Distance for Running

You only need to run at least one mile each day. A mile is a distance too easy to run for any person, be it a fast runner or a slow one. It only takes up to 11 – 30 minutes.

Benefits of Running

1. Aids in weight loss

Running a mile can burn 121 calories, which is equivalent to two bags of buttered popcorn. You can burn more calories by increasing the distance covered.

2. Promotes circulation by strengthening the heart

Running is a cardio workout. It causes your heart to pump more blood, which leads to an increased heart rate. Know that an increased heart rate is only alarming if your body is at rest.

By running every day, you train your heart to become more effective at delivering nutrient-rich blood and oxygen through your whole body. Ultimately, this improvement will sustain even when your heart beats at a normal rate.

Likewise, running is beneficial to your respiratory health. Make a habit of running a mile a day, and you’ll notice how daily tasks such as climbing steep stairs is a cinch.

3. Sculpts leg muscles

Have you ever spotted a professional runner with flabby thighs or legs? Running causes your leg muscles to contract, relax, and vice versa; hence, making them strong and lean.
4. Improves bone density

Running is a high-impact type of exercise. Similar to muscles, bones react instantly to the pressure produced by each strike of your leg. Bone density increases as your foot continue to hit the ground.

5. Makes you happy

Did you know running has its therapeutic effects? Your beautiful surroundings have nothing to do with it.

So, what makes a rigorous activity therapeutic? Endorphins are actually released by the body whenever you run. Also known as happy hormones, endorphins provide an analgesic effect by interacting with the opiate receptors within your brain. Thus, it lessens your perception of pain and promotes good vibes. Therefore, running can help cope with depression and reduce stress.

How Do I Prepare for a Run?

1. Eat a simple meal

To maximize your energy levels, eat a light meal two to three hours before you run. Opt for foods that are highly digestible and avoid fatty foods such as bacon and fries.

2. Don’t drink and run

You need to drink 2 liters of water each day to keep yourself hydrated. However, stop drinking a few minutes before you run, or else you will feel bloated. You might also find yourself needing to urinate. Make sure you have already drunk enough fluids an hour before.

2. Wear proper clothes

Make sure you wear comfortable sportswear that will provide you with freedom of movement. Likewise, wear snug-fitting running shoes. Avoid cotton shirts and socks as they absorb a lot of sweat.


Running has its benefits for the mind and body. That is why we urge you to run at least a mile a day. Beyond the obvious fact that it improves your health, running is also a good excuse to stroll around! So, why not ask your friend to tag along? Like what you have just read, check supplements2u.co.uk who provided this.

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